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Explore Your City & County Community Rides

Explore Your City and County Community Rides

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Since 2018, Bike Windsor Essex has offered a series of casual bicycle tours to explore and discover your city and region. Check back here or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for new rides for 2023.

Our final Winter Wheels Ride of 2023 took place on March 25, ending a season of 7 winter rides. The rides were free to join thanks to our sponsors the County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS), the Windsor Region Association of Architects and the Windsor Bicycling Committee.

Dates for Spring/Summer rides this year are TBD.

Rides are slow, families welcome, and they last about 1.2 – 2 hours. All rides are supported by our staff and registration is mandatory to keep our numbers low. We’re currently asking for a $20 donation to help cover our costs.  Watch our Facebook page for changes or updates.

A couple of friendly reminders: Riders agree to ride at their own risk. These are all ages rides, we will go as fast as the slowest rider. Helmets are mandatory for youth under 18. Riders may be photographed for promotional purposes – let us know if you do not wish to be in photos. Bring water and wear sunscreen.

Routes are carefully planned and may be subject to change should situations arise. Pay attention to the Ride Leader and Sweeper, obey the rules of the road and have fun!

Have an idea for a Ride?:  Let us know at