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Bike Friendly Community Partner Award 2014

The University of Windsor 2014 Bike Friendly Community Partner

UWindsor Award

We were pleased to recognize the University of Windsor with our first Bike Friendly Community Partner award at our September AGM. Students from the University of Windsor Cycling Association received the award on behalf of the University.

Students ride bicycles for a variety of reasons including financial need and lifestyle choice. Creating an environment that encourages and supports this includes providing adequate safe and secure bicycle parking and opportunities for students to learn how to ride safely. Over the past year, the University of Windsor has made a number of cycling infrastructure upgrades that have improved the day-to-day cycling life of UWindsor students including covered bicycle parking, a campus fix it station, and support for bike month bike safety and awareness activities.

This is a great start and we congratulate them on their efforts and those of the University of Windsor Cyclists Association.

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